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When you want the best but the option is limited by budget, you don’t need to look further.

Started in the 90s, MIRA-SAITO brand is the leading raised floor system product which has been specified and installed in many modern facilities and offices throughout Indonesia.

The brand is born to meet client’s requirement during the development era that need solution of fast delivery, good quality products and economical price. MIRA-SAITO, therefore has won many hearts of clients including big and small firms, utilizing the raised floor for Telecommunication rooms, Data Centers, Office Rooms and Control Rooms.

Installed Skirting
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Backed by optional 5 years warranty, MIRA-SAITO raised floor will give you profit and peace of mind. Whether as a direct user or as a contractor, you can rely on MIRA-SAITO raised floor to support heavy and bulky I/T equipments, including UPS, Blade Servers and even, Safe Box

MIRA-SAITO only uses the best steel material and produce in ISO9001 high technology manufacturing facilities, ensuring the strength, durability and precise dimension.

Floor Systems

Cementitious Steel Panel

Cementitious steel raised floor tile is made of pressed and spot welded steel plate, finished with epoxy paint coating to prevent rusts. Infilled with cement, the tile panel provide accurate dimension, strength and ease of installation. because of its popularity, this raised floor type is most commonly used in Indonesia

Calcium Sulphate Panel

The access floor panel consists of fibre reinforced calcium sulphate of the building material class A2 non flammable fire rating. The standard panel edges are chamfered, milled and protected all round by PVC synthetic trim against mechanical damages and humidity. while the bottom side of the panel can be provided with galvanized steel sheet or aluminum foil by advanced backing procedure

Perforated Tile

Perforated tile is used for channeling cold air from the computer room air conditioner (CRAC/H) to cool the server and equipment effectively. We have many range of perforated tiles to suit your needs. From opening ratio of 17% up to 65% are available.

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