Bergvik ISO-FLEX Grid Structural Ceiling

The Iso Flex-Grid is an engineered structural ceiling system that acts as both a dropped return air ceiling plenum, as well as a support grid, providing a cost effective solution for use in data centres, clean rooms, labs and other environments.

The Iso Flex-Grid system uses high-grade aluminium extrusions with a continues M10 threaded slot along the entire underside of the grid. The ceiling grid is assembled using 2, 3- and 4-way way high strength diecast connectors.

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The layout of the ceiling can easily be adapted to row aisles, equipment or other needs by placing the carrier profiles where they are most needed and not according to a predetermined pattern. If it is necessary to make alterations or additions at a later date, Iso Flex-Grid can easily be modified and supplemented according to the new needs.

As standard the Iso Flex-Grid is designed for point loads up to 300 kg.

Bergvik’s Iso Flex-Grid benefits

▪  Iso Flex-Grid serves the dual purpose of being both a load-bearing grid combined with a drop-down ceiling

▪  Very low maintenance cost since there is no need for additional suspension points or replacement of ceiling components

▪  Extremely flexible, allowing for countless overhead suspension points in all directions.

▪  Does not depend on server rack location or dimensions

▪  Very cost effective in case of future expansions

▪  Provide less facility disruptions and ceiling damage when upgrades for equipment changes are done.

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